Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why I'm Blogging

Since the inception of my communications consulting practice, Semiosphere Consulting in January of 2013, I have become more aware than ever of the need for sound public speaking advice and information.

As a college educator for over a quarter-century, I think I had become cloistered in the classroom. I saw my share of bad presenters outside the classroom, often times by talented educators who ought to know better. But since I have begun offering my services, marketing, and networking I find myself at multiple presentations outside of academia each week. And one thing has become clear: my services are definitely needed!

And so this blog will serve as a conduit of sorts for information on public speaking. Sometimes it will be my own writing, sometimes it will be links to the works of others. Always, though, I hope it will be useful to those who want to be better public speakers.

I also hope this will open up a line of communication with those who read it. I would love to entertain questions from readers. I welcome feedback, success stories (and horror stories!) and pretty much any observations or reflections on public speaking you may have to offer.

Thanks for reading!

For more information about Dan Leyes and his consulting services visit Semiosphere Consulting.