Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Story Time!

Once upon a time we were all children...and we loved stories. We cherished those moments when someone older and wiser would sit us down and read--or just tell--us a story, The telling of the story had a magical power. It would silence even the most chatty of toddlers and make them pay attention. There is something in the human DNA that finds stories wonderfully engaging.

Unfortunately we're not little kids any more. We've got bills to pay and bosses to placate, widgets to sell and kids to raise, and a million and one social media markets to conquer. The demands on our time are at an all-time high, as "nine-to-five" has morphed into "24/7".

Yet there is still one constant, one singular meme, that transcends change and reinvigorates the imagination. Yes, you guessed it. It's our old friend the story.

For me, the story has never been far from my consciousness, as I have been preaching the good news of storytelling to my public speaking students for decades. "The story is your friend" I tell them, as stories are inherently interesting, understandable, and memorable in a way that "facts and figures" are not.

The funny thing is that now I see high-priced communication consultants preaching the power of the story and teaching storytelling to well-heeled executives as if it were some new invention or insight.

Over the next few days I will be sharing some thoughts--and some stories--about the virtues of storytelling for the public speaker. So check back tomorrow, as I provide the insights that some are paying hundreds of dollars an hour for. Most importantly this knowledge and know-how will help to make you a great public speaker. A speaker audiences will love and want to hire again and again.

Until then, be well and speak well.

And thanks for reading!

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