Friday, December 27, 2013

Semiotic Phenomenology of Human Communication

What is Semiotic Phenomenology?

Semiotics is the study of signs. A sign is anything which stands for or represents something else. Phenomenology is the study of human consciousness. So semiotic phenomenology is the study of how human beings process and give meaning to signs, wherein everything can be a sign. People are signs, words and gestures are signs, images are signs, architecture, haircuts and anything imaginable can be perceived as a sign. The essence of this research is in understanding how people give meaning to the world around them, this fluid mosaic of signs and symbols, where everything can be an indicator of something else.
Everything you communicate represents your company, organization or administration. Are you being represented in the best light? Do your signs and symbols represent who you really are? 
What are Your Signs Signifying?
In a world of signs, what signs are you creating? Every time we open our mouths, advertise, or hire a new person we are creating signs. These signs are given meaning by all who encounter them. Sometimes our intended meaning is accomplished; more often than not it misses the mark.
What do your words, gestures, images and advertisement say about you? What do they say about your attitudes toward your customer, and our shared world? Are they authentic and sincere, or contrived and self-serving? Because you know what? People can tell the difference—whether they can articulate it or not—they can sense it, feel it, and it drives their decision-making regarding you, your company and your product or service.
From our basic physical appearance and the words we say, to the causes we espouse, signifying features speak for us. And so, to understand human behavior—our employees, our potential customers, and even our competitors—we must understand the basis of how people give meaning to their world.
How We Can Help
For the first time ever, semiotic phenomenology is being applied to your communication and the results promise to revolutionize your effectiveness.
At Semiosphere Consulting we work from this advanced knowledge in communication theory—Semiotic Phenomenology—and apply it in a simple, practical, and most importantly, effective way. Whether it's your public speaking, or your overall brand, we'll help you look at it in a new way.
But first we listen. What are your communication needs? We first understand you, your needs and your goals. And then develop a strategy to help you achieve those goals.
Because human beings are, above all, meaning makers, our world is a semiosphere. And Semiosphere Consulting is your navigator through the ever-changing sign systems of contemporary culture.
Interested in Learning More?
For no charge, we will come in, do an initial analysis of your needs and prepare an action plan to suit you and your budget. Sometimes even small changes can change everything, and you may get that from just our initial consultation. Once you see the results though, we are betting you will want every aspect of your organization redesigned using the proprietary Semiosphere methodology. Finally, you can have the organization you have always dreamed of, one that truly represents you and everything you want it to be.