Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Speakers of the Future

I write today from a hotel room in Kansas as I prepare to judge the American Forensics Association National Individual Event Tournament--the national championship in public speaking for college students. As the Eastern Regional Representative to the national committee, I have been invited to serve as a judge for this wonderful three day event.

This will be my fourteenth AFA-NIET and it is always remarkable experience, as students gather to share their speeches and performances of literature. They have worked all year to qualify their events and the qualifying procedure is a daunting one. It is based on the results of regional tournaments from September through March. There are several national tournaments but this one has the most rigorous qualifying process and thus these students are the cream of the crop of our nation's collegiate communicators.

I will weigh in throughout the weekend with impressions and accounts of some of the more noteworthy performances.

For now I just want to wish all of the competitors the very best of luck. It it is an honor just to qualify for this tournament. And it is my very great privilege to serve as a judge. At this point it's time to just let it flow!

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